USA Wake Surf Inc. filed their Articles of Incorporation as a Florida Not For Profit Corporation on January 27, 2012.
USA Wake Surf, Inc. filed a Name Change with the State of Florida on February 24, 2012, changing the corporate name to Competitive Wake Surf Association, Inc.

The Bylaws approved by the Board of Directors on February 13, 2012 and last amended on March 20, 2012 provide for referring to the Competitive Wake Surf Association, Inc. as “CWSA”.
Under the adopted and approved Bylaws of the CWSA;

The mission of the CWSA is to help promote the sport of wake surfing, provide recommended
consistent and fair standards governing wake surfing events and tournaments, and to provide
effective communication regarding wake surfing events and significant issues of interest to stake
holders in the wake surfing industry.

The purpose of the CWSA is:
1. To promote high standards of conduct within the sport.
2. To foster fair and consistent regulations and standards within the sport.
3. To engage in any lawful activities that will tend to develop and promote the sport of wake
surfing worldwide for the best interests of the sport, any membership, and the general
4. To conduct successful wake surf events that foster the growth of the sport of wake surf.
5. Promote and maintain good relations within the wake surf industry to promote economic
well-being through commerce.
6. To encourage safety in all aspects of wake surfing.