How do I registration?
Filling out the form on this site until the 24th of March.

If I missed the application deadline, can I still participate?
Send an email to the organization and let you know if you can still accept your application.

At the venue what should I do?
Introduce yourself  with your equipment and check it in at the event.

I don´t have a house in this Condo. Can I participate anyway?

How do I get into the condo?
When present at the main entrance (see map) tell you is participating in the championship. You will pass by the condo identification and security process and will be instructed to follow for competition area, which is duly signed.

Can I move around the condo?
It will not be to permit the movement by the condominium and the security is very strict. You must be followed for boating area and stay in the area reserved for the championship.

Can I bring companions?
Yes. Everyone should go through the condo concierge in the identification process.

Never participated in a championship before. Can I participate anyway?
Yes. Subscribe to amateur division, teen or master and will have a different experience and learn more about the sport.

Only practice wakesurf the weekend and I can not do almost any maneuver. Can I participate?
Yes. Come enjoy with the other athletes.

Can I choose regular or goofy?
Yes. The boat is swell for goofy and regular basis. You should inform your base upon registration.

And on the day of competition. What should I do?
After you check in at the event. Check out the entry order and wait for your turn. Attend in 10 minutes boarding position before its time because a jet ski will take you (a) to the starting point.

My companions can watch my last on the boat?
No. The performance of site allows a good view of the course.

Can I hear music on the boat?

Can I train on the competition boat?
We still have not defined whether there will be training sessions.

Can I find out my score?
Yes. But only after the end of your division.

What is the outlaw division?
It is the entrance to the professional category. You must have a very advanced level to participate in this category.

Have any recommendations of place for hosting?
On the LOCAL page you will find an indication of an inn which is 10 km from the competition venue.

The organization will provide transport from and to the airports?
No. You must provide your own transportation.

Not be able to travel with my board or do not have one. The organization could lend me a surfboard?
Yes. We will have two basic models available.

I know nothing of the rules. I'll have someone to guide me?
Yes. The organization can spend all the guidelines, rules etc. 

Someone will be ministering clinics in the championship days?
We are working on this hypothesis. Inform local boat, price and teacher if confirmed.